About LandLight iReport

The Problem

“At least 30 people were killed when a five-storey building still under construction collapsed in Nigeria's megacity and commercial capital Lagos, officials said on Wednesday.”- March 9, 2016 There has been a spike in the number of building collapses in the country with over 20 cases recorded over the last 10 years. In Lagos and environs alone, over 200 persons have lost their lives with several others maimed for life.

The safety and integrity of buildings have thus become a huge source of concern in Nigeria. Experts, professionals and administrators in the built industry have over the years become helpless in stemming the menace across the country.

Some Prominent Cases

Collapse Date of Collapse Location Probable Cause Casualties
Lekki Gardens Collapse March 2016 Lagos Building Violation Over 30 dead
Synagogue Building Collapse September 2014 Lagos Construction lapses Over 116 dead with several injured
Ebute-MettaTitanic Building July 2006 Lagos Faulty construction Over 20 dead with 30 injured
Garki Uncompleted Building July 2010 Abuja Faulty construction 23 dead with several injured
Jos School Building September 2013 Jos Structural defects 9 school children ith 21 injured
Oloto, Ebute MettaBuilding July 2013 Lagos Structural defects 7 dead
Bank of Industry building collapse March 2006 Lagos Weakened structure due to fire 2 dead with 23 injured

Our Solution

Landlight iReport is here to guarantee action on every reported case.

LandLight iReport empowers you to raise the awareness level in a transparent and open manner.

Its impact is huge, it goes viral immediately, it eliminates the usual excuses from government agencies because everyone is involved, everyone sees, and the alarm level rises in manifold levels and necessarily forces someone to act and avert calamity.